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Based on experience in design amplifiers and other electronic devices, Auris Audio’s philosophy is rooted in Superior design, natural materials and skills of making, which give us the right to claim that our products are handcrafted with soul.

Following his dream, founder and CEO of Auris Audio, Mr. Milomir Trosic, had only one thing in mind, the end-user and his satisfaction.

His leading motivation has been to achieve constant fulfilling of desires and needs of audiophiles by giving them the full enjoyment in the smooth and detailed sound. Guided by this light motive, the team of dedicated engineers, audio designers and craftsmen are all committed to making Auris Audio dream come true.


HA2 SE represents high end, stereo amplifier for headphones. Depending on the headphone type (resistance), the output impedance can be selected by a knob switch 50,150,300 and 600 Ohm.


There is a large number of audio enthusiasts who enjoy our HA2 SE headphone amplifier, however, there are those who always seek to rise their thrive, satisfaction and delight, to the next level.

They are called hedonist!

So welcome to Headonia.

Headonia is supreme headphone amplifier that can easily drive almost all known headphone models on the market – not one but two pairs simultaneously.

Independent impedance selectors allow the two of you to enjoy in favorite music, even with the different headsets.

You can also be hedonist.


D1D is state of art High End DAC with PCM 32 bit/384 kHz and DSD Native codec.

3 x COAX S/PDIF and 3 x Optical TOS Link enables connection of several digital sources.

Amanero USB DAC implemented as the USB source makes your choice for connection to PC, MAC, Android or iOS devices.

Remote control is made from solid aluminum and allows you to change the source from your chair.
An already known design based on natural wood and genuine leather will be applicable in every room.